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Witness for the Prosecution

Witness for the ProsecutionMarch 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 at 8pm and March 12 &19 at 2pm

Directed by Dani Mann

Assisted by Sally Sinclair

Sponsored by: Bissinger’s

Leonard Vole, a young, naive married man has developed a close relationship with Emily French, a wealthy, elderly woman…so it’s no surprise that when she is found murdered and he is named the beneficiary of her considerable estate that he becomes the chief suspect in the case.  His beautiful wife, Romain, can prove his innocence giving him an alibi and Leonard’s lawyers are confident that her testimony will result in his acquittal. To their surprise she arrives as a witness for the prosecution at the trial.  For even more drama, add a mysterious woman, startling new evidence, and a surprise ending. A suspenseful thriller in the classical genre of the queen of mystery, Agatha Christie.


Sir Wilfrid-Will Shaw

Lenard-Jeff Wright

Romaine-Heather Sartin

Carter-Robert O. Stevenson

Greta-Annalise Webb

Mayhew-David Hawley

Myers-Ken Lopinot

Justice Wainright-Tim Callahan

Janet-Julie Healey

Hearn-Steve Garrett

Clegg-Jason Klefisch

Dr. Wyatt-Richard Hunsaker

Clerk of the Court-Rahul Mehta

Policeman-Kevin Arnold

Detective-James Twickler

Sally Lister-Young Woman

Jury Foreman-Anna Werner

Jury Member-Kris Mohler

Jury Member-Jim Wamser

First Barrister-Frank Lewis

Second Barrister-Mike Bisch

Stenographer-Nori Rhodes