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Witness for the Prosecution

Witness for the ProsecutionLeonard Vole, a young, naive married man has developed a close relationship with Emily French, a wealthy, elderly woman…so it’s no surprise that when she is found murdered and he is named the beneficiary of her considerable estate that he becomes the chief suspect in the case.  His beautiful wife, Romain, can prove his innocence giving him an alibi and Leonard’s lawyers are confident that her testimony will result in his acquittal. To their surprise she arrives as a witness for the prosecution at the trial.  For even more drama, add a mysterious woman, startling new evidence, and a surprise ending. A suspenseful thriller in the classical genre of the queen of mystery, Agatha Christie.



Agatha Christie
Directed by Dani Mann

• Rehearsals begin: 1/23/17
     o *Prelim read through w/cast only to address accents and character: 11/6/16
     o *Formal read through, crew invited: 1/8/17
     o Most rehearsals will be on Mon, Tues & Thurs evenings until tech week, with a few Tues/Sun evening exceptions.
• Move-in: 2/25/17
• Tech week begins: 3/5/17
• Opens: 3/10/17
• Strike: 3/19/17


Leonard Vole spent many evenings with a rich, older woman. When she is found murdered, the
naïve fellow is the chief suspect. His wife can prove his innocence, but when she takes the stand,
she denies his alibi. Can he escape the hangman’s noose? You’ll be kept guessing until the final
curtain. Said to be Christie’s own personal favorite, only she could have conceived such a
suspenseful thriller and then capped it off with so many twists and turns along the way!

Roles available for ~16 men / ~5 women:

The play takes place in the early to mid 1950s, London. Unless otherwise specified, all characters
will have a British dialect. Once cast, dialect choice per actor may be based on character
development and skill. A variety of regional dialects would be preferred and most effective for the

*2 of the 3 jury members will be cast as female. It would be historically accurate that men
portray most roles within a courtroom during this time period. However, additional female
characters will be considered within the courtroom setting.
Not all roles will be read for at auditions. Unless specified on the audition sheet, you will be
considered for all appropriate roles.

• Sir Wilfrid Robarts, QC: Middle aged/elderly
Queens Counsel, greatly respected, very able and confident, skillful, discerning, kind

• Leonard Vole: ~late 20s to 30s
A friendly, charismatic, and likable man

• Romaine: ~30s/40s (must be a bit older than Leonard)
Leonard’s “wife;” She is referred to as “foreign” and is most probably French, German or
Belgian. Striking, sophisticated, confident, somewhat reserved, a bit daunting

• Carter: Flexible age
Sir Wilfred’s chief clerk, Carter is a bit of a fussbudget.

• Greta: 20s
Typist to Sir Wilfrid, nasal, a bit frivolous, unjustifiably full of herself

• Mr. Mayhew: Flexible age
A solicitor for the defense, shrewd and rather dry, precise in manner

• Mr. Myers, QC: Middle aged/elderly
The solicitor for the prosecution in Leonard’s trial, precise, skilled, determined

• Justice Wainright: Flexible age
The judge is dignified, a bit acerbic, knows his law.

• Janet MacKenzie: ~50s, Flexible
Large featured role, 1 scene
A dour Scotswoman, the murdered woman’s housekeeper; Janet’s demeanor
inadvertently brings a bit of humor to the proceedings. She hates Leonard and is not
afraid to show it. She has opinions.

• Inspector Hearne
Featured role
Inspector Hearn is possibly tall, dignified, commanding

• Mr. Clegg: Flexible age
Featured role, 1 scene
An assistant in the forensics lab, thinks of himself as pretty clever

• Dr. Wyatt: Middle aged, Flexible
Featured role, 1 scene
A pathologist / police surgeon giving testimony in court

• Clerk of the Court (Doubles as Court Usher): Flexible age
Lines will be delivered as a single character, on stage throughout trial

• Policeman: Flexible age, on stage throughout trail

• Plain-Clothes Detective (Doubles as Warder): Flexible age
The detective is a brief, non-speaking role. The warder or “warden” has a couple lines
and is on stage throughout the trial. Alternate character development will be required for

• First Member of the Jury / Foreman: Flexible age, on stage throughout trial

• Second Member of the Jury: Flexible age, on stage throughout trial

• Third Member of the Jury: Flexible age, non-speaking, on stage throughout trial

• First Barrister: Flexible age, non-speaking
Assists Sir Wilfred, on stage throughout trial

• Second Barrister: Flexible age, non-speaking
Assists Mr. Myers, on stage throughout trial

• Court Stenographer: Flexible age, non-speaking, on stage throughout trial

Please note that the non-speaking and/or smaller roles within the courtroom, as
envisioned, will provide much challenge for the performer. Much attention will be paid,
and there is much to do. Specific character development and engaged action will be
required of these roles, as with any other, in order to keep the courtroom scenes
dynamic. Your creativity with, and development of, these characters and their
relationship to the action will at all times weigh heavily on audience interest. The
courtroom, “Old Bailey,” must be a living, breathing, dynamic entity. All characters will
feel key to our success or failure.

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