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As many of you know, the City of Kirkwood is building a new Performing Arts Center at the southeast corner of Monroe and Taylor.  Many of you have probably been watching its progress as you run your Kirkwood errands.  Here is some backstory to its beginnings.

At the time the City was making it decision to invest in the future of Kirkwood’s progress, it asked both Stages and The Kirkwood Theatre Guild to make a commitment to the new center.  Both organizations entered contracts with the City of Kirkwood for a ten-year rental of stage space for our theatrical productions.  In addition, the City has asked The Kirkwood Theatre Guild for a monetary contribution of $500,000.  Our deadline for this contribution is December 31, 2021.  

After much thought and discussion, the Guild would like include as many members of our extended community as possible – season ticket holders, audience members, Kirkwood businesses and organizations, volunteers, and guild members.  The Guild’s hope is to hand over the contribution and be able to say, “This is from the people who love the Guild and Kirkwood.”  We want to make sure everyone feels like there are no contribution too small – or too big.  The Guild has rarely asked for donations from its friends, so this is new territory for us.  We are hopeful you will all help us.

The City has graciously offered to the Guild the rights to naming the audience seats in exchange for a donation.  For each donation of a total of $1,000.00, a donor may name an audience seat.  The City is also offering other naming opportunities shown below.  So far, we have received donation pledges to name approximately 30 seats.  Some families are pooling their funds and naming seats for loved ones who support and supported the theatre.  We are looking forward to keeping alive the memories of those whose shoulders we all stand upon now.

Please print the donation page attached to make your donation.  KTG is a 501(c)(3) organization and your contribution is tax deductible.

Thank you for reading our ask.  And thank you for considering donating to our cause.  As soon as this COVID challenge allows us to be the storytellers you have trusted us to be, we will see you again.  Please know that your safety is the most important thing to us.

Thank you,


When the Dalai Lama wanted to build a spiritual center, someone asked him, “Where will the money come from?”. 

He answered, “From wherever it is right now.”



Main Stage (20 years) $250,000

Main Stage (life of building) $1,000,000

Lobby (20 years) $500,000

Function/Classroom (20 years) $100,000

Function/Classroom (life of building) $400,000

Plaza (20 years) $250,000

Green Room (20 years) $25,000

Green Room (life of building) $100,000

Box Office (20 years) $100,000

Black Box Theatre (20 years) $750,000


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