Board & Supporting Cast

The Kirkwood Theatre Guild

Board of Governors 2020-2021

President—————————Cherol Bowman Thibaut

Vice-President & Treasurer——Maureen Smith

Secretary ————————–Janice Bruns-Mantovani

Artistic Manager ——————Brandon Atkins

Theatre Logistics —————–Shug Goodlow

Production Manager ————-Amanda Jackson-Winslow

Events Manager ——————Elizabeth Grun

Publicity Manager —————-Kevin Hester

Supporting Cast

Box Office Manager—————Betty Sphar

Recipes for Ice Director———–Adam Grun

Recipes for Ice Performers ——Robert Doyle, Lauren Goetz, Adam Grun, Pat Klick, James Kuhlmann, Mike Neumann, Nancy Nigh, Kelsey Ruthman

Drama Studio Instructors ——–Adam Grun, Robert Thibaut, Heather Sartin