Kirkwood Theatre Guild

Kirkwood Theatre Guild has been designated a
“Missouri Historical Theater”
by the Missouri Arts Council

2011-2012 Plays

Noises OffNovember 4,5,6,10,11,12, & 13, 2011
All Show times are at 8 pm, except for 2 pm Sunday Matinees.

By Michael Frayn Characters

Side-splitting antics onstage and offstage have made this Tony-nominated play a favorite of theater audiences. Watch the cast of “Nothing On” struggle through dress rehearsal mishaps, develop backstage drama during the show and, as it nears the end of its run, disintegrate into comical chaos. Considered by many to be the funniest of all farces, this is an exciting play full of frenetic physicality and laughs.

David Bornholdt Tim
Richard Hunsaker Selsdon/Burglar
Ann Hier Brooke/Vicky
Jeff Kargus Freddie/Phillip
Jason Meyers Lloyd
Nancy Nigh Belinda/Flavia
Steve Peirick Garry/Roger
Janet Robey-Schwartz Dotty/Mrs. Clackett
Kathryn Weber Poppy
Robert Thibaut Director
Cherol Thibaut Assistant Director
Linda Menard Stage Manager
Ken Clark Technical Director
Gary Sibbitts Master Carpenter
Doug Chapis Master Carpenter
Susan Wolff Set Decorator
Anthony Anselmo Lighting Designer
Lee Meyer Sound Designer
Laura Ogilvie Sound Board Operator
Cherol Thibaut Costume Design
Keaton Treece, Asst.  Costumer
Rebeca Davidson Property Mistress


DIRECTOR:  Robert Thibaut


Doubt: a Parable

Doubt: a parableJanuary 20,21,22,26,27,28 & 29, 2012
All Show times are at 8pm, except for 2pm Sunday Matinees

By John Patrick Shanley

Set in 1964, this thrilling drama follows the suspicions of the schools vigilant, headstrong principal, Sister Aloysius, that new priest Father Flynn might be making improper advances toward its first African-American male student. She enlists the aid of a young Sister James, in her efforts to validate her concerns and confront her superior. He is as adamant in his denial of wrongdoing as she is certain of his guilt.  How do you find the truth when concerns do not equal facts and you aren’t supposed to ask? And what if you’re wrong? Whose world are you willing to risk destroying?  A powerful, well-written battle of wills.

DIRECTOR: Sean Ruprecht-Belt

Meet the Director Sean Ruprecht-Belt 

Nana’s Naughty Knickers

Nana's Naughty KnickersMarch 9,10,11, 15, 16,17,& 18, 2012
All Show times are at 8pm, except for 2pm Sunday Matinees

By Katherine DiSavino

Bridget moves in with her sweet grandmother, Sylvia, for a summer of law school and soon uncovers the secret business run out of the rent-controlled apartment: hand-made lingerie for the mature—and frisky. Will a delivery mix-up, a snooping landlord and a smitten police officer strip Sylvia of her venture and the new website? Or worse, get her evicted or convicted? You’ll be tickled by this contemporary comedy.

Sunday, January 22nd 6 pm,
Robert G. Reim Theatre

Director:  Landon Shaw

Meet the Director Landon Shaw

Synopsis: The setting is what seemingly looks like a typical New Your City rent controlled apartment where our sweet Nana, Sylvia Charles, has resided for a long time.  She is about to spend the summer with her granddaughter, Bridget who will be attending law school in the fall. Bridget soon catches the eye of the new beat cop, Tom Grady.  Sylvia’ s best friend is the hearing impaired Vera, whom she keeps an eye on daily. The “villain”  is landlord, Gil Schmidt who is looking for any reason he can to evict our sweet Sylvia so he can make more money on his apartment. The comedic hitch is our sweet Sylvia’s new (not so legitimate) business that could lose her everything, from her granddaughter’s respect, to her long time home. Nana’s Naughty Knickers is a new farce by Katherine DiSavino that at its core has a clever plot with multilayered characters and all of the elements a successful farce needs.  The plot twists, the laughs are plenty and in the end, you may never look at your Grandma the same way again! Everyone will enjoy the antics of Sylvia and fall in love with Nana’s Naughty Knickers…well, maybe not her knickers, but definitely the production as a whole!

Roles in Nana’s Naughty Knickers

Sylvia Charles (Nana)-Age range late 60’s-early 80’s.  Incredibly eccentric and charismatic, think “Auntie Mame” meets “Mama Rose”, with a good dose of Lucille Ball added in.  Looking for an actor with great comedic timing, physical comedy, ability to command the stage, but also be able to pull back as well.  Looking for someone that can portray all of this in an honest and believable way while still coming across as innocent, sweet and genuine. Lead role

Vera Walters-Sylvia’s good friend and accomplice. Age range early 70’s-early 80’s.  Needs two hearing aids and a walker to even move and relies heavily on Sylvia. Willing to do just about anything she can for her friend.  Because of her hearing loss and being somewhat “needy” she often seems lost or confused and genuinely is.  Looking for an actor that has strong physical comedy skills, great timing and ability to find many levels in a character that can be construed as somewhat “stereotypical” based on her physical limitations. Loyal. Bold. Naive. However, she can be a bit of a curmudgeon and a tough cookie when necessary.  Supporting Lead Role

Bridget Charles-Sylvia’s granddaughter. Age range early to mid 20’s. Strong, independent.  Looking for someone that has a lot of range and can bring a lot of levels to a character that is written as kind of the “straight” character.  Must be able to play innocent, but has a bit of a bite and a little devilish side to her.  Lead Role

Tom O’Grady-The rookie cop who takes his job seriously. Age range mid to late 20’s.  Has a heart and genuinely loves his job and people.  Somewhat naive.  Good looking, great personality and charming.  Finds himself becoming involved in Sylvia’s “situation” and has to wrestle a bit with his job vs. his heart. Supporting Lead Role

Gil Schmidt-The landlord of Sylvia’s apartment.  Age range early 60’s-early 70’s. Very strong and dominating.  Always seems angry and VERY eager to do all that he can to evict Sylvia so he can finally make more money.  Large presence and little patience.  Likes to believe he is in control and is with everyone…except his wife. Supporting Role

Heather Van Pree-Employee of “Saucy Lips”. Age range mid 20’s-early 30’s.  Sexy and not the brightest crayon in the box.  Not a ditz, just someone who has perhaps not made the best choices and is more naive than she would like to admit.  Looking for more in life and although she is strong, she also has a heart and is just looking for options.  There is more than meets the eyes with her, but first impression is that one could easily mistake her for “a lady of the night” or someone who is involved in that line of work.  Supporting Role

Clair-Sylvia’s biggest and most loyal client.  Age range late 50’s-late 60’s.  Strong, sexy, classy and truly “In Charge”. Think Joan Collins or Sophia Loren.  Supporting Role

UPS Man-Typical UPS delivery person.  Age range late 20’s-mid 30’s.  Cute and definitely lonely.  A bit awkward and somewhat socially inept.  Minor Role

UPS Man # 2-Small role that will probably be doubled by someone else in the cast.  In only one scene.


Auditions consist of readings from the script.

Rehearsals will be every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday from 7-10 pm

at the Kirkwood Community Center beginning January 23rd. Tech week begins March 4th.


Please be prepared to list all conflicts at the audition.  Please do not audition


 if you are unable to attend ALL tech week rehearsals and ALL performances.



REHEARSALS:  Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings

SHOWS: 3/9, 10, 11,15, 16, 17, 18


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Dirty Rotten ScoundrelsMay 4,5,6,10,11,12 & 13, 2012
All Show times are at 8pm, except for 2pm Sunday Matinees

Book by: Jeffrey Lane

Music and Lyrics by David Yazbez

Suave, highbrow con-artist, Lawrence, makes quite a living off the kindness of wealthy women. When he meets, and uses, a low-class swindler to get out of a jam, they realize the town isn’t big enough for two charlatans. A bet is made: whoever bilks young and beautiful Christine Colgate out of her $50,000, can stay. You won’t feel cheated watching the two sabotaged by each other and by love. A wonderfully witty script and score.



Suave, highbrow con-artist, Lawrence, makes quite a living off the kindness of wealthy women. When he meets, and uses, a low-class swindler to get out of a jam, they realize the town isn’t big enough for two charlatans. A bet is made: whoever bilks young and beautiful Christine Colgate out of her $50,000, can stay. You won’t feel cheated watching the two sabotaged by each other and by love. A wonderfully witty script and score.


Lawrence Jameson (lead)- 45-50, a very elegant British conman. He uses his sophistication and charm to get what he wants. Character speaks with a British and slight German accents and does some dancing. Requires good comedic timing.

Freddy Benson (lead)– 30-40, American conman who uses every angle he can to get what he wants. Actor must be very versatile and not afraid to take risks. Requires good comedic timing.

Christine Colgate (lead)– 25-35, American woman believed to be the heir of the Colgate soap fortune. She is the target of both Lawrence and Freddy. She is very sweet and caring. Actor should be able to dance.

Andre Thibault (supporting)– 30-50, French inspector who works with Lawrence to find the woman he will pursue. Actor will speak with a French accent and will do some dancing.

Muriel (supporting)– 30-40,American woman on vacation who falls for one of Lawrence’s cons. She is a very naive—but not dumb—rich woman. Character does some dancing.

Jolene (supporting)– 35-50, American woman on vacation. She is a southern girl who comes from money. Daddy will do anything for her. Actor will have a slight southern accent and will do some dancing.

An ensemble of approximately 15 people will also be cast.

Adam Grun Director
Danny Austin Assisstant Director
Kent Coffel Lawrence Jameson
Ryan Glosemeyer Freddy Benson
Caitlin Mickey Christine Colgate
Ken Lopinot Andre Thibault
Carrie Priesmeyer Muriel
Stephanie Merritt Jolene
Courtney Gibson Ensemble – Female
Julie Nagy Ensemble – Female
Kelly Kothe Ensemble – Female
Kristi Kuhlman Ensemble – Female
Melissa Southmayd Ensemble – Female
Priscilla Case Ensemble – Female
Sara Rae Womack Ensemble – Female
Valerie Baldwin Ensemble – Female
Aaron Williams Ensemble – Male
Gary Bortosky Ensemble – Male
James Kuhlman Ensemble – Male
Pat Klick Ensemble – Male
Paul Fortner Ensemble – Male
Robert (“Bob”) Becherer Ensemble – Male
Robert Doyle Ensemble – Male
Troyer Coultas Ensemble – Male
Frank Lewis Production Manager
Rebeca Davidson Technical Director
Sean Andrews Music Director
Kim Klick Choreographer
Merrick Mohler Set Designer
John Davidson Master Carpenter
John (JT) Taylor Lighting Designer
Amanda Jackson Sound Design
Rebecca Davidson Set Decorator
Mary Hanson Scenic Painter
Emily Robinson Costumes
Anthony (Tony) Anselmo Property
Chris Macgregor Stage Manager
Chad Mott Backstage Crew Supervisor
Odetta Fields Lighting Board Operator
Burt McGregor Sound Board Operator